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Bulk Oregon cut flower farm – Growing beautiful, organic, fresh flowers for over 20 years!

Call:  (541) 857-8223


Le Mera Gardens
P.O. Box 1014
Talent, Oregon
97540 USA

Finding the Flower Truck!

Visiting the flower truck is by appointment only, please contact us to set up a time.

Our flowers are grown on four separate farm sites which are not open to the public (not because we are not friendly farmers! but because we have too much equipment moving around).  Please call to come to the flower truck, everything we pick in a day is on there.


Located at 8657 Wagner Creek Road in Talent

Photo driving instructions for
Weddings & Events
by appointment only:

1. Take Wagner Creek Road west from downtown Talent.

2. Drive past Anderson Creek Road and Yank Gulch Road (on right).

3. Slow down when you see the Historic Talent School House (right).

4. You will come to a 25MPH turn, slow way down.

5. This is the road and corner, turn left at the dirt lane.

6. Continue down that main gravel road.

7. Drive past “Plant Oregon” our nice neighbors, the nursery growing local trees.

9. Look for this sign and make a left:


10. Drive past the row of greenhouses.  The truck is on your right, park on the berm next to the flower truck.

FINAL DESTINATION:  The flower truck staging area looks like this, and if you have an appointment, Joan will be waiting for you!


Finding Your Order in the Cooler

Follow steps #1 – 8 from “Finding the Flower Truck”

#9 DO NOT TURN LEFT, keep going straight just a few yards until you come alongside a plastic covered shed on your left.

#10 At this point the lane you are on turns slightly to the right and goes up a hill, you do not go up the hill, stop right there.  When you come out of your car you can hear the compressor running, the door faces a small brown house, there is a wood deck in front of the cooler.

The light switch is to the left of the door. 

Your order will be tagged with your name and with clear indication of the total number of buckets.  

Wedding & Event Flower Truck

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