News from the Flower Farm

A hot week on the farm!

We pick flowers twice a week, every week, from 4 farm sites in the Rogue Valley gathering the harvest at the end our day into our trusty refrigerated flower truck.  We plug the truck into a big electric outlet and can almost hear the flowers sigh with relief as they release their field heat.

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July 9-13 on the farm

While we patiently wait for the “big” summer crops to start blooming (marigolds, amaranths, celosias, etc.), there’s certainly much bounty coming home from the fields.

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American Grown Flowers Week at Le Mera Gardens

This week we are joining in the effort to promote the diversity of flowers grown on our own home turf by participating in American Flowers Week  The plan is for Isabella of to pair up with our parent farm, Fry Family Farm, to create a large scale installation made entirely with our farm grown flowers and greens. 

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Summer Solstice

The summer solstice arrived and all of a sudden there’s not a square inch of space left anywhere on the flower truck — it’s so full! And the sunflowers are here 🙂

Our lovely garden roses are coming to an end this week, goodbye roses. But then, as if on cue, the dahlias have stepped in sending long sturdy stems and developing nice fat buds. We moved all our dahlia plants around this wintertime in an effort to run away from the pervasive problem of spider mites which seems to hit them every month of August. Some growers who choose to grow their dahlias under cover as we do have given up on dahlias altogether because of this nasty bug — but we are far from giving up!

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June’s Contrasts

Availability for the week of June 11-18:

alstroemeria (peach or dark red)

Ammobium (white Pearly Everlasting)

Armenian basketflower


bachelor buttons (blue)

barley/wheat & oats

Blue Bedder Sage


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First week of June availability

Welcome to June!

I’m taking a guess at what might be in bloom when we head out to harvest tomorrow morning.  I will add any new surprises to the list by tomorrow night so you’ll know what to expect on the flower truck come Tuesday and Thursday morning. 

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Happy New Year – January 2018

“The Amen of nature is always a flower.”

– Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

The dark weeks of winter have been restorative for all of us farmers. As the days turn lighter and longer, we are taking care of our maintenance projects, eradicating blackberry vines from long-forgotten propagation houses…

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Flower Farming: Not for the Faint of Heart!

Organically grown flowers are a beautiful, tactile, scented experience like no other within the universe of fresh-cut flowers. While this much is true, it is a common misconception that an organic farm must therefore be awash in beauty: wide-brimmed hats, flowing dresses, and nothing but lovely flowers as far as the eye can see. The reality is quite different….

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