from our flower farm, week of September 17, 2018

Our lovely marigolds soldier on and I never tire of listening to clients tell me why they need hundreds of marigold blossoms – to welcome the return of a much loved guru, a fundraiser at New Seasons Market, a one year birthday celebration, an art festival, because it’s fun to string them in a group, to be turned into a confetti of petals, a wedding anniversary, a burial.


African marigolds – orange, gold or mixed colors

Amaranth, Bronze (upright)

Amaranth, Purple (upright)

Ammi Daucus or lace flower (Black Knight mix)

Annabelle hydrangea, turned green & hardy

Artemisia foliage (grey wormwood)

blue willow

bright orange mini French marigolds

cardinal basil (ornamental, scented)

cardoon foliage

Celosia Plumosa (feathery plumes, rich colors straight or mixed)

chocolate sunflowers

cottage yarrow

coxscomb and fan shaped Celosia

cupcake zinnias – small, soft, lovely colors


dried flowers, 2018 crop

Dusty miller (broad leaf and lacy leaf)

eucalyptus – fresh & scented

Feather grass

feathery marigold foliage

foxgloves, fall crop


Globe Amaranth (Gomphrena) – red, orange & fuchsia and mixed colors

golden tansy

golden yarrow

Green Millet

hibiscus Mahogany Splendor (deep burgundy foliage, doesn’t like the cooler!))

Hydrangea Greens

Lime Rose zinnia – medium size, lime, peach & rich pink

Ninebark, chocolate foliage – hardy, long lasting

Northern Sea Oats Grass, turning color

raspberry foliage

raspberry fruit, fall crop

red hanging amaranth

Rose Hips

scabiosa pods

seasonal bouquets – large & small, pastel or bright

seeded eucalyptus – beautiful, cut to order

seeded golden fennel

Spirea Foliage

statice sinuata (pastels & brights, mixed or single colors)


succulent blossoms – cut to order

succulent plants in 4″ pots, certified organic

Sweet Annie

sweet william

Veronica, lavender blue

viburnum foliage, lovely fall coloring!

Zinnia – pastels & brights