In bloom this week!

These days I’d like to sit and make garlands, yards and yards of marigold strands preparing for a special occasion.  And then I’d send send up prayers for clear skies, safe places and a whole night of gentle rain.


Amaranth, upright purple plume

Amaranthus “love lies bleeding”, Green Tassels

Amaranthus Love Lies Bleeding, red tassels

Ammi Daucus or lace flower (false Queen Anne’s Lace)

Annabelle hydrangea, turned green & hardy

bright orange mini French marigolds, feathery foliage & long stems (sweet!)

Café au Lait dahlias

Celosia Plumosa (feathery plumes, many beautiful rich colors)

chocolate sunflowers

cockscomb celosia – reds, oranges, pinks, green


dried flowers, 2018 crop

Dusty miller

Echinacea pods

eucalyptus – long stems for bouquets, short bushy stems for garlands

feather fern, petite & hardy

feather grass

feathery marigold foliage

flowering fennel (the best scent!)

frosted explosion grass

Globe Amaranth/Gomphrena – fuchsia, red & peach

Helenium (“Helen’s Flower”)

Hydrangea Greens

Hydrangea paniculata Limelight (strong stems, beautiful cream cone shaped blooms)

Lime Rose zinnia, medium blooms – shades of rich pink, lime and peach

Lisianthus (purple, white, dark pink, mauve/pink, butter yellow & mixed colors

Marigolds, African (orange & gold)

Northern Sea Oats Grass (lovely green “rattles”)

raspberry foliage

Red Shuttle Flower (Leicesteria)

Ribbon Grass


Scabiosa fama, periwinkle blue (and a few white

scabiosa pods, green

seasonal market bouquets, large & small

sedum – greeny blush, very long lasting

statice sinuata (pastels & brights, mixed or single colors)

Strawflowers – pinks, bronze mix, white

succulent blossoms – cut to order

succulent plants in 4″ pots, certified organic

sunflowers, new crop!

Sweet William

tansy (lovely yellow button filler)

tiny garden roses, mixed color posies

Veronica, lavender blue (few white)

wild bear grass

zinderella/miniature zinnias – colorful candy

Zinnia – all the colors of summer