This week in the smoke

As we hold our breath, cross our fingers and hope, in these times of terrifying mega-fires, I think of each of you delivering comfort and colors to our neighbors, homes, businesses and in celebration of life’s special occasions.

Amazingly, while our flower fields have slowed down a bit under a cover of smoke, they’ve soldiered on to gift us with a glorious display of colors, textures and vibrancy.  In the cool scented refuge of our refrigerated truck it seems all is well with the world after all.  Nature is generous!
And on our farm we celebrated a beautiful wedding in the smoke!  Our two top harvesters/field workers married while all the Fry Family Farm bosses got to be bridesmaids and groomsmen at their side.


Amaranth, upright plume (purple)

Amaranthus “love lies bleeding”, Green Tassels

Ammi Daucus or lace flower (false Queen Anne’s Lace)

Annabelle hydrangea, turned hardy green

blackberry fruit (brilliant red)

bright orange mini marigolds, sweet

cardoon in bloom

Celosia Plumosa (feathery plumes, shades of summer)



dried flowers, 2018 crop

Dusty miller

Echinacea pods

eucalyptus – fresh & scented

feather fern, petite & hardy

feathery marigold foliage

fresh lavender

frosted explosion grass

Gladioli, really beautiful new crop!

Gypsy Dianthus (bright fuchsia)

Helenium (“Helen’s Flower”)

Hydrangea Greens

Hydrangea, Pink Blossoms (Macrocephalia)

Lime Rose zinnia – pink, lime &/or peach (medium bloom)

Lisianthus (so many! purple, white, pink, peachy/brown, mixed colors)

Madame Butterfly snapdragons

Marigolds, African

miniature zinnias, bright mix colorful candy

Northern Sea Oats Grass (lively green “rattles”)

pastel mix cottage yarrow, lovely colors

raspberry foliage

Red Shuttle Flower (Leicesteria)

Ribbon Grass

Rose lilies (doubles)

Scabiosa fama, periwinkle blue

scabiosa fama, white

scabiosa pods

seasonal wildflower style market bouquets

Spirea Foliage

statice latifolia

statice sinuata (pastels & brights, mixed or single colors)


succulent blossoms – cut to order

succulent plants in 4″ pots, certified organic


Wheat (green)

wild bear grass

Zinnia – all the colors of summer