this week’s rainy harvest – rain!!

I was in Raleigh last week visiting small flower farms, attending lectures, listening to speakers and watching power points.  I met first time flower farmers, old time flower farmers, young people, old people, one baby and an Amish family from Lancaster PA in full traditional clothing speaking softly of farming with 6 children.  We learned about trends in the floral industry, about managing bugs and weeds, insurance taxes and payroll, balancing work family and leisure in a profession that has no clear hours, about coolers and greenhouses, best equipment and storage methods, working with florists, selling to wholesalers, meeting the public – and above all about flowers and our desire to spread their inherent magical powers well beyond the reach of our arms.

I was 39 years old the last time I attended an flower growers conference in Raleigh, NC.  Much has changed 😁



African marigolds – orange, gold, mixed and still strong

Amaranths – bronze, purple & red (smaller tassels)

Ammi Daucus or lace flower, really beautiful mix

Annabelle hydrangea, green

bright orange mini French marigolds

Broom Corn

cardoon foliage

Celosia Plumosa (feathery plumes)

cottage yarrow

coxscomb celosia

cupcake zinnias – pink & white

Dahlias, happier in cool weather

dried flowers, 2018 crop

Dusty miller (plentiful, broad leaf & lacy leaf)

eucalyptus – very fresh, cut garland style or florist length

feathery marigold foliage

foxgloves, fall crop

garden roses – small fall crop


Globe Amaranth (Gomphrena) – red & fuchsia

golden tansy, looking very pretty & dries beautifully

Green Millet

Hydrangea Greens

Lime Rose zinnia – medium size, lime/pink

Lisianthus (small fall crop – pinks, cream & mixed colors)

Ninebark, hardy chocolate foliage

Northern Sea Oats Grass

ornamental peppers, green this week

peach alstroemeria (shorter)

pincushion scabiosa, small button flowers

raspberry foliage

raspberry fruit, fall crop

Red Twig Dogwood (bare red branches)

Rose Hips

rosemary, beautifully green

Scabiosa fama blue, limited supply

scabiosa pods

seasonal bouquets – bright colors or pastels, different every week

seeded eucalyptus – cut to order

seeded golden fennel

Spirea Foliage

statice sinuata (pastels & brights, mixed or single colors)


succulent blossoms – cut to order

succulent plants in 4″ pots, certified organic

sunflower hearts

sweet william (small flower heads)

Veronica, lavender blue

viburnum foliage, lovely fall coloring

wild bear grass, turning color

zinderella/miniature zinnias bright little colors

Zinnia – pastels & brights, still plentiful